Wednesday, 16 November 2011

What do you believe about God?

I saw this chalked on a pavement ( U.S. sidewalk ) near me. It made me think. What do I really believe of God? In my tradition we are taught to remember the mysterious nature of God but in other traditions there is an emphasis on His accessibility.

Maybe spend some time thinking how God has directly intervened in your life and call to mind what you learned about Him from this experience.

Avoid Christian ‘slogans’ however worthy they may be. Be very personal and totally candid.

I will give you something from my life. When I was at my lowest ebb God used the most unlikely people to help restore me. Ironically the first person was gay and sadly later wandered away from God. The second person was not a believer and was...wait for it..a woman. Yes, an old reconstructed bachelor like me assisted by a woman!!

This has helped me see that God does not see people as we do; nor does He interfere with our free will even if it means allowing people to from Him. It has taught me also that even when I despair and can see no way out God can intervene miraculously.

What have you learned about Him?