Sunday, 21 April 2013

Point in time

I took this photo at the open air passion play in Trafalgar Square on Good Friday.  As I stood looking at the scene ( and a bit annoyed by people around who were disrespectful ) I had the not original thought that this is a depiction of the most important event in history. John Main has better words than me-

The cross is the great Christian symbol because its horizontal plane is intercepted by its  vertical plane and the Christian vision is not a denial of this life, not a denial of history or of time, but an openness to the great fact of history itself, that time has been intercepted by Christ’s love. This is the reality out of  which we must live. We can only live out of it if we ourselves are open to it in our inmost heart- not images, not imagined illusions, however holy, however religious, but the reality, the rock that is Christ.