Friday, 26 March 2010

A Tiger's Tale

A Tiger's Tale

A while back I was in a pub having had a very pleasant lunch in good company. It was mid afternoon and I noticed people looking intently at the tv screen. I wondered what had captured their attention. It was the confession by Tiger Woods of his infidelity. Apparently USA came to a halt briefly with people listening to this confession. I heard more of this man in contrition yesterday.

Cynics say that he needs to appease the public and his sponsors to carry on playing and earning. However, having just had a year of British politicians mealy mouthed and self justifying when caught redhanded I found it refreshing to hear a full and complete confession. James 5.16 encourages us to confess our sins to one another (not just in the confessional ) and pray for one another so we may be healed. Confession is meant to be part of a process that leads to healing not to feeling humiliated.

What interested me was that Woods said looking back he saw the person who committed the infidelity as if they were another person. That is not that strange perhaps as we sometimes say to others, using the English idiom, ‘I don’t think you have been quite yourself lately.’ Of course we are technically always ourselves but I was taken by his sense of detachment. After confession perhaps we have transcended our own selves. Only time will tell if Woods has used the confession for his own ends and only God knows the secrets of his heart. To be honest golf fails to entertain me but I will see Tiger Woods as a different man from now on.

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