Saturday, 5 February 2011

Tongue tied

Sometimes as we get older as Christians we fall into the danger of becoming ‘sophisticated’ and think we are above some of the basics of the faith. I once went back to my old Anglican church and found them being very dismissive of a street evangelist. Yesterday, I went to see an open air campaigner evangelising in Leicester Square in Central London who uses a simple flip chart and paints. I thought about what John Chrysostom wrote-

Nothing is more frigid than a Christian who is indifferent to the salvation of others....Love means to want the best for others about the law of love, and the joy of obeying this law. Of course many people are shy about talking to others; in their case actions motivated by love will be a most eloquent testimony. But those who are not shy will want to express their joy at every opportunity. There is no need to use fine words or elegant phrases; even the most uneducated people can convey joyful love by the spirit which accompanies their words.

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